Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holidays in England: Dunster Castle I

An ancient castle and comfortable country home
with dramatic vistas and subtropical gardens

Dramatically sited on a wooded hill, a castle has existed here since at least Norman times, with an impressive medieval gatehouse and ruined tower giving a reminder of its turbulent history.

The castle that you see today became a lavish country home during the 19th century for the Luttrell family, who lived here for 600 years.

The castle boasts spectacular views toward the Bristol channel, the Quantock hills and up to the moors of Exmoor. (via)



  1. Ach wie schön, wenn ich das nächste mal nach England fahre will ich mir auch ein paar schöne und alte Herrenhäuser und Schlößer anschauen!!
    Sehr schöne Bilder!!!

  2. beautiful photography :-)

    Just came across your blog and wanted to say its lovely, do check mine out if you like :-)